the SAD SAD state of gold mining in our county

We didn't think we had much of a reason to have a blog, until now.  We recently found out that the mining of gold is threatening our county, and with this news we thought it smart to share. Thus far, it seems that everyone in the area we've been able to connect with are against it. No one is naive - we all KNOW that mining leads to environmental destruction, especially of our precious water ways. And, despite what the government may say, mining will not create jobs for any of us. In fact, the mining will strip our county of it's natural resources and with it, peoples' livelihoods. 

The resistance begins! 

What we know right now;

- The company, La Empresa Minera Valle Rico Resources, will occupy 36,616 acres of our county, San Miguel de los Bancos.

  - The 36,616 acres, have been divided into four sections; San Miguel 1, San Miguel 2, San Miguel 3 y San Miguel 4.

- San Miguel 1 is 10,408 acres and has already been signed over to the mining company.   

- The exploitation of the mine will affect major water ways, including river: Blanco, Mulaute, and Macas.

- The Mayor of San Miguel de Los Bancos asked the Ministry of Mining why they would sign over the land to the mining company. The response: " because no one lives there". This is absolutely absurd. There are rural communities all around the mine! In fact the county has 52 communities.