Live YOUR Ecuadorian Experience WITH US...

....and let us become part of your story.

Located about 4 hours from Quito and 7 kilometers (4.5 miles) from the town of Ganadera Orence (also La Orence), NIDO DE VIDA is accessibly off the beaten path.


NIDO DE VIDA is a mixed-family affair. We are made up of Ecuadorians, US-Americans, young and old. Our dream was to acquire a piece of land and cultivate it, together. After roughly two and a half years of searching for the right spot, we collectively decided on the perfect place - off the beaten path, but not isolated. And most importantly, with access to water.

When we purchased NIDO DE VIDA it was fully forested. Our first step in making the property habitable was to clear about half a hectare of the seven (which is around 17 acres) where we would build a house. Since then, we have gone from living in a tiny dirt-floored cabin with no electricity to a beautiful home structure with power. We have planted a few crops, have chickens, raise guinea pig, and have dug multiple tilapia pools. Our work is far from over, and we have plenty of project ideas in mind.

We respect the environment, and make decisions as stewards of the land.