By no means are we experts. We are motivated by the idea of researching, learning, and experimenting different methods and techniques for sustainable living. We will implement new practices and allow others to see and experience what’s possible when they visit the farm. Through these projects, we hope to inspire others to consider how they can be stewards of the environment in their daily lives.

In the vain of researching and learning, our Farm Manager, Lenin, recently participated in a two week permaculture course in which he learned about organic farming practices on three different farms. Permaculture principles, focused on working with nature as opposed to against it, will help guide how we continue to develop the land. Our next big project includes the design of a vegetable garden. Organic vegetables will be sold at market and will contribute to Nido de Vida’s financial sustainability.

Continued education is an important component to Nido de Vida’s success. New information and ideas will contribute to success of the farm as well as to our community. We want to create opportunities for others in our area to learn about techniques can strengthen their livelihoods and mitigate negative effects on the environment.