Experiential EDUCATION:

NIDO DE VIDA facilitates learning opportunities for individuals or groups seeking unique cross-cultural, hands on learning experiences in a rural part of Ecuador.

At NIDO DE VIDA,  you will have the opportunity to share with the community and broaden your knowledge and understanding of Ecuadorian culture through community engagement. Engagement and cultural exchange happens through community service work, Spanish classes (optional), presentations on history and place, and recreational activities. All of the activities that NIDO DE VIDA fosters the strengths and knowledge found within our community, La Union Bolivarence, and the surrounding area.

Examples of activities include;

Community service work: help maintain the local foot bridge, help build dry latrines, provide English classes, help harvest, help reforest etc.

Presentation on history and place: Environmental Issues in the Area and What's being Done, Medicinal Plants and their Uses, History of Ecuador and La Union Bolivarence, The Dairy Industry and it's Regional Importance, Chocolate from Scratch etc.

Recreational Activities: Swim in the rivers, Tumba Vacas and El Mulaute, Visit the ancestral site of the Yumbos, Play soccer or volleyball with community members, Explore NIDO DE VIDA's property, Spend informal time with community members etc.




It is a deeply held NIDO DE VIDA value that everyone has the right to experience the benefits of being outdoors and in nature. Unfortunately, having access to a forest and the outdoors is a luxury. We want to contribute to flipping that script by creating opportunities to expose people of all ages from Ecuadorian urban areas - who do not otherwise have the opportunity to access the beauty of nature - to experience the power of the outdoors. Regardless of economic standing, we want people to experience the happiness and good health that nature bestows upon us. In turn, we believe people will be inspired to have a greater role in caring for her.  

During the weekend of September 2-3, 2017 we partnered with Kasa de Colores, an Ecuadorian nonprofit focused on environmental education, to run our very first overnight camp at NIDO DE VIDA with six of their young people. The weekend was full of swimming in the river, hiking, spending time with our neighbors, and learning about being agents of environmental improvement in their communities.