Nido de Vida fosters opportunities to experience the link between our well being and our relationship with nature through environmental stewardship, education, and intercultural tourism



By no means are we experts. We are motivated by the idea of researching, learning, and experimenting different methods and techniques for sustainable living. We will implement new practices and allow others to see and experience what’s possible when they visit the farm. Through these projects, we hope to inspire others to consider how they can be stewards of the environment in their daily lives.

In the vain of researching and learning, our Farm Manager, Lenin, recently participated in a two week permaculture course in which he learned about organic farming practices on three different farms. Permaculture principles, focused on working with nature as opposed to against it, will help guide how we continue to develop the land. Our next big project includes the design of a vegetable garden. Organic vegetables will be sold at market and will contribute to Nido de Vida’s financial sustainability.

Continued education is an important component to Nido de Vida’s success. New information and techniques will contribute to success of the farm, as well as to our education program.



This program focuses on two types of projects. The first project highlights our values that everyone has the right to experience the benefits of being outdoors and in nature. Unfortunately, having access to a forest when you are part of the marginalized urban poor is a luxury. We want to contribute to flipping that script by creating opportunities to expose people of all ages from urban areas - who do not otherwise have the opportunity to access the beauty of nature - to experience the power of the outdoors. Regardless of economic standing, we want people to experience the happiness and good health that nature bestows upon us. In turn, we believe people will be inspired to have a greater role in caring for her.  

We have partnered with Kasa de Colores, an Ecuadorian nonprofit focused on environmental education, and will run our first overnight education and recreation camp with a group of young people during the first weekend of September. Please stay tuned for updates on the camp.

The second project is to create opportunities for others in our area to learn about new techniques that can strengthen their livelihoods and mitigate negative effects on the environment. For example, after completing the permaculture certificate, Lenin will share with our neighbors the best practices for composting, and grey water treatment. These practices do not only help keep our water sources cleaner, but they can also help save money by not having to purchase synthetic fertilizers.



Again, motivated by the desire to share with others, Nido de Vida aspires to run an intercultural tourism program that will expose people from all over the world to rural Ecuadorian culture and community development efforts. This project promotes our values of bringing people closer together and of deepening cultural understanding.  Additionally, this project will contribute to the financial sustainability of Nido de Vida.