The NIDO DE VIDA experience

Stay at NIDO DE VIDA and get a glimpse into life in rural Ecuador. Share with others in everyday tasks and experience a different way of life.



In part, the NIDO DE VIDA experience is about living and appreciating life in a rural part of Ecuador. We want you to enjoy the relaxing environment, to explore the farm and surrounding area, and to have the opportunity to participate in what life is like in a rural part of Ecuador. We guarantee that much of what you see and experience will be different from your everyday life. 





Our house has three bedrooms, an enclosed living room, a large open living/dining room, and a kitchen space. Additionally, we have a covered, raised platform perfect for pitching a tent. We have two dry latrines, and a bathroom set up to biodigestor tank.

Electricity is set up throughout the house.

We do not have internet, and don't have any plans to install it any time soon. However, if you need to connect with people back home, you can get a cell phone signal within a five minute walk from the house.

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Part of the NIDO DE VIDA experience is sharing meals. The food you eat during your stay will be Ecuadorian cuisine typical to rural areas. Small dietary adjustments can be made, if necessary, but overall you can expect a mix of legumes, meats, eggs, dairies, rice, and soup. 

Much of the protein you consume will be local; either directly from our farm or from our neighbors'.





As part of the NIDO DE VIDA experience you have two options for lodging.

1.) Stay in one of the bedrooms in the house or,

2.)  Pitch a tent and camp. And if you don't have a tent, no worries; you can rent one from us.