the camping experience


In the mood for simple? pitch A tent!


You'll set up camp on a beautiful spot, and have access to a a dry latrine and some electricity.  

We do not have internet, and don't have any plans to install it any time soon. However, within a five minute walk from the house, you can get a cell phone signal, if you need to connect with people back home. 

We are currently finishing the installment of a bathroom which is attached to the house. The original bathroom, an outhouse, is not too far, though. Bathing can happen in the river or where the hose delivers water from the creek. 

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1. Bring your own food and prepare it over the fire. We can provide you with pots and pans.


2. Bring everything, but the protein. Buy your protein right from us, farm fresh chicken. eggs, guinea pig, tilapia, milk, and cheese.  


3. Buy all of your cooking ingredients from us - rice, potatoes, noodles, coffee, sugar, veggies, fruits, chicken (meat and egg), guinea pig, tilapia, milk, and cheese you get the point - and prepare them over the fire. 


4. If you'd prefer, order already prepared meals from our daily menu.



You'll have plenty to do:

  1. Enjoy the beautiful river.
  2. Spend hours walking through the lushness of the land.
  3. Explore the activities of our farm; feeding the fish, watering the chickens, and caring for the guinea pigs. 
  4. Interested in harvesting yucca or milking cows? We'll introduce you to our neighbors so you can explore the area even further.
  5. Just relax!