Agronomy Internship Opportunity

PROJECT PLAN: We seek to amplify research and assess efforts of agricultural production in our region. As a predominantly dairy producing area, there is limited local knowledge about the crops, growing methods, or animal husbandry techniques suitable for the area. With research specific to the region, and data analysis, there is potential to strengthen livelihoods and diversify income streams for members of the community.

OUR PROPOSAL: The agricultural production study needs to assess the geographical, soil, and climatic indicators of the region. The ideal intern for this position, with the support of a faculty advisor, is able to create a project timeline with milestones, gather data (primary and secondary), analyze results, and make recommendations for crops and growing methods suitable for the region.

DELIVERABLE: For this initial phase of the project, the deliverables will be a report of findings and recommendations for next steps in production and continued research.

LENGTH OF STAY AT NIDO DE VIDA: We would like the intern to spend two months in the community*. During these months, the intern(s) will learn about the local culture, as well as gather technical data. For the sake of maximizing the participants’ experience, we strongly encourage the student to have a preliminary project timeline completed with the faculty advisor before arriving in Ecuador. Following arrival on site and orientation, early in the first week, the participant will have a check-in with their faculty advisor and Nido de Vida staff to confirm and/or adjust the time frame for each of the project milestones. We believe that these elements together will dictate a successful project.

Ideally, the intern(s) is(are) able to stay at Nido de Vida during the months of May and June 2018**.

Given that this type of work at the international level often requires collaboration with specialists in different roles and across continents, Nido de Vida is open to this project being presented as an opportunity for a team of students under the supervision of a single primary advisor, with the possibility of 2-4 students with overlapping 2 month stays at the Center that all fit within the months of May-July.


*Nido de Vida is open to discuss a longer or shorter stay with the intern(s) and their faculty mentor.

**Nido de Vida is open to discuss a different time of the year based on availability.



Faculty support from home institution

Passionate about organic agriculture, environmental stewardship, and sustainable community development

Experience in the design of agricultural production

Motivated to spearhead a new project

Able to ask for help

Able to communicate needs



Eager to have a cross-cultural experience

Excited to build relationships and make new friends

Conversational in Spanish



Please send a resume and cover letter explaining your interest and suitability for the position to If you have any questions, please contact us at the same email.